10 Best Sex Positions for Maximum Intimacy?

by melody dameh, on April 9th 2024

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Sex positions play a crucial role in building intimacy and strengthening the emotional connection between partners. The way couples physically engage with each other has a significant impact on their overall relationship dynamics.

In this article, we will explore 10 carefully selected sex positions known for fostering maximum intimacy between partners. Each position is specifically designed to create a deep sense of closeness and strengthen the bond between lovers, taking the experience of physical union to a profound emotional level.

These intimate positions allow couples to:

  1. Discover new aspects of their relationship
  2. Enhance both physical pleasure and emotional closeness

By learning about these positions and embracing their intimate nature, couples can embark on a journey of exploration and connection that goes beyond just the physical aspect of sex. These thoughtfully chosen sex positions have the potential to enrich relationships by nurturing a deeper sense of intimacy.

Seated Wrap-Around

The seated wrap-around position is an incredibly intimate sex position that allows for deep physical and emotional connection between partners. In this position, both partners are facing each other and are wrapped around each other’s bodies, creating a feeling of complete closeness and intimacy. Here’s how you can try the seated wrap-around position:

  1. Set the mood: Before getting into the position, create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Dim the lights, play soft music, or light some candles to enhance the intimacy.
  2. Get into position: Start by sitting on a bed or a comfortable surface facing each other with your legs extended straight out. Gently wrap your legs around each other and intertwine them, allowing your bodies to come close together.
  3. Embrace eye contact: One of the most intimate aspects of the seated wrap-around position is the eye contact it allows. Look into each other’s eyes as you maintain physical closeness, deepening the emotional connection between you.
  4. Utilize nonverbal communication: Nonverbal communication plays a significant role in creating a strong connection during intimate moments[^2^]. Take advantage of this by using gentle touches, caresses, or even mirroring each other’s movements to heighten the sensory experience.
  5. Explore variations: Once you’re comfortable with the basic seated wrap-around position, feel free to explore variations. For example, you can try hugging each other tightly or incorporating gentle rocking motions to enhance pleasure and intimacy.
  6. Foster emotional intimacy: Remember that sexual intimacy is not just about physicality but also about emotional closeness. Building emotional intimacy can deeply enhance the connection during intimate moments[^1^]. Reflecting upon this, consider engaging in activities like open and honest conversations outside of the bedroom or exploring shared spiritual practices[^3^].

The Laptop Position

The Laptop position is a highly intimate sex position that allows for face-to-face contact and deep physical connection between partners. This position works well for enhancing intimacy due to the following reasons:

  • Maintaining Face-to-Face Contact: The Laptop position enables couples to maintain eye contact and engage in intimate conversations during sex, fostering emotional connection and intimacy.
  • Deep Physical Connection: In this position, partners can be deeply connected physically, with their bodies pressed against each other. This close proximity enhances the feeling of intimacy and allows for increased skin-to-skin contact.

To try out the Laptop position, follow these clear instructions:

  1. Begin by sitting facing each other on a flat surface, such as a bed or couch.
  2. Both partners should bend their knees and bring their feet close together, creating a diamond shape with their legs.
  3. Gently lower yourself onto your partner’s lap, aligning your pelvises.
  4. Wrap your arms around each other and hold each other close.
  5. Experiment with different movements and angles to find what feels most intimate and pleasurable for both of you.

Variations of the Laptop position can add even more excitement to your intimate moments. Consider trying the following:

  • Legs Wrapped Around: Instead of keeping your legs in a diamond shape, wrap them around your partner’s waist, creating a tighter embrace.
  • Intensify Eye Contact: Throughout the experience, maintain intense eye contact with your partner to deepen the emotional connection.

Classic Chair Sex Position

The classic chair sex position is a popular choice for couples looking to enhance intimacy and explore new angles. This position offers a unique blend of closeness and freedom of movement, making it both sensual and adventurous.

To try the classic chair sex position, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Find a sturdy chair with armrests: Look for a chair that provides stability and support for both partners.
  2. Sit on the chair: The receiving partner should sit on the edge of the chair, facing forward, with their feet flat on the ground.
  3. Face each other: The penetrating partner stands in front of the receiving partner, facing them.
  4. Guide penetration: The receiving partner can guide the penetration by holding onto the armrests or placing their hands on their partner’s hips for added control and stability.
  5. Experiment with angles: Lean back or forward to find the angle that feels most pleasurable for both partners. You can also try adjusting the height of the chair by using cushions or pillows for added comfort.

Forward-Facing Cowgirl

The forward-facing cowgirl position is a highly intimate sex position that allows for deep connection and control between partners. In this position, the receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner while facing them. Here’s how to engage in the forward-facing cowgirl position for maximum intimacy:

  1. Eye contact and connection: One of the key elements of this position is the ability to maintain eye contact with your partner. This creates an intense emotional and intimate connection during sex.
  2. Control and exploration: The forward-facing cowgirl position allows the receiving partner to take control of the pace and depth of penetration. This can enhance intimacy as partners can communicate their desires and explore different sensations together.
  3. Guidance for trying out the position: When trying this position, it’s important to ensure comfort and safety. Here are some tips:
  • Start by straddling your partner while they are lying down or sitting up.
  • Find a rhythm that works for both partners, taking into consideration each other’s comfort levels.
  • Communicate throughout the experience to ensure that both partners are enjoying themselves.
  • Experiment with different angles, such as leaning forward or backward, to find what feels best for you.

Sideways 69 (Spooning 69)

The sideways 69, also known as spooning 69, is a sex position that combines the pleasure of oral sex with the intimacy of spooning. This position allows both partners to experience simultaneous oral stimulation while lying on their sides facing the same direction. Here are some key points to consider when trying this intimate sex position:

  1. Getting into position: Start by lying on your sides with your bodies aligned closely together. The person who will be receiving oral sex can position themselves in front, while the person who will be giving oral sex can comfortably rest their head between their partner’s legs.
  2. Comfortable alignment: It’s important to find a comfortable alignment that works for both partners. You may need to adjust your bodies slightly to ensure that both individuals have easy access to each other’s genitals. Communication and experimentation are key to finding the perfect alignment.
  3. Finding a rhythm: Once you’re in position, it’s time to find a rhythm that works for both partners. This might involve rocking or grinding your hips gently to create pleasurable sensations. Take turns focusing on each other’s pleasure and communicate your desires and preferences throughout the experience.

Breakfast Spoons

The Breakfast Spoons position is an intimate sex position that allows for a close connection between partners, particularly in the morning hours. This position involves both partners lying on their sides, facing each other, with their bodies aligned in a spooning position.

To get into the Breakfast Spoons position, follow these steps:

  1. Start by lying on your sides, facing each other.
  2. The partner who will be penetrated (if applicable) can bend their knees slightly to allow for easier access.
  3. The penetrating partner can then gently enter from behind, ensuring comfort and communication throughout.

This position allows for deep physical and emotional intimacy as the partners are face-to-face, allowing for eye contact and close proximity. The gentle rocking motion of spooning can also create a soothing and relaxed atmosphere.

Tips for Trying Out the Breakfast Spoons Position

Here are some practical tips for trying out the Breakfast Spoons position:

  • Use pillows for added comfort and support under your heads or between your knees.
  • Experiment with different angles by adjusting the height of your knees or the positioning of your bodies.
  • Communicate with your partner about what feels good and explore variations that work best for both of you.

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is an intimate sex position that focuses on maximizing clitoral stimulation and promoting face-to-face contact between partners. This technique can enhance intimacy and create a deeper connection during sexual activity. Here are the key points to understand about the CAT:


The CAT involves a modified missionary position where both partners align their bodies in a way that allows for maximum clitoral contact. The man positions his body slightly higher, with his pelvis tilted forward, while the woman wraps her legs around him.


The CAT is known for its ability to provide intense clitoral stimulation, which can lead to powerful orgasms for women. It also promotes face-to-face contact, allowing for increased emotional connection and intimacy between partners.


To master the CAT, communication and rhythmic movements are essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Begin in the traditional missionary position.
  2. The man slides his body up slightly, aligning his pelvis with the woman’s.
  3. The woman wraps her legs around the man’s thighs, drawing him closer.
  4. Both partners engage in rhythmic thrusting motions, focusing on maintaining clitoral contact throughout.

The Hound

The Hound is an intimate sex position that offers a deep physical and emotional connection between partners. It allows for a unique blend of vulnerability and trust, making it perfect for couples who are looking to enhance their intimacy. Here are some practical tips for trying out this position:

  1. Start with communication: As with any new position, it’s important to communicate with your partner about your desires and boundaries. Discussing your comfort levels and any adjustments you may need to make will contribute to building a solid foundation of trust, which is essential in any relationship based on the principles outlined in this insightful blog post about values in a relationship.
  2. Find stability: The Hound requires both partners to be on all fours, facing each other. To create stability, consider using pillows or cushions under your knees or hands to provide support as needed.
  3. Establish trust: In this position, partners are facing each other and can maintain eye contact throughout. This creates an intimate connection and allows for emotional closeness. Trust and open communication are key to fully enjoying this position.
  4. Explore variations: While the basic Hound position involves both partners on all fours, you can also experiment with different angles and heights by adjusting the height of the bed or using furniture like a sturdy table or ottoman.

Face-to-Face Sex Standing Up

Engaging in face-to-face sex while standing can bring a whole new level of intimacy and vulnerability to your sexual experiences. This position allows for deep eye contact, the ability to hold each other close, and a sense of physical connection that can be incredibly intimate.

Why It’s Worth Trying

  • Highlighting the intimacy and vulnerability: Standing face-to-face with your partner during sex creates a unique sense of vulnerability. The close proximity and eye contact intensify the emotional and physical connection between you.
  • Benefits of exploring vertical positions: Exploring vertical positions like face-to-face sex standing up can add variety to your sexual repertoire. It allows you to change up the dynamic and experience different sensations. Additionally, it can be a refreshing break from the usual horizontal positions.

How to Try It

To engage in face-to-face sex standing up, follow these steps:

  1. Stand facing each other, embracing tightly.
  2. Find a comfortable position that allows both partners to maintain balance.
  3. Experiment with different heights and angles to find what works best for you both.
  4. Use your surroundings for support if needed, such as leaning against a wall or using furniture.

Face-to-Face Masturbation

Masturbation is a natural and healthy activity that many individuals engage in for pleasure and self-exploration. However, it can also be a deeply intimate experience when shared with a partner. Face-to-face masturbation is a unique sex position that allows couples to connect on a more emotional and vulnerable level. Here’s why face-to-face masturbation can foster a sense of shared intimacy in a relationship:

1. Shared vulnerability

By engaging in face-to-face masturbation, both partners are exposing themselves in a vulnerable way. The act of mutually pleasuring oneself while maintaining eye contact creates a deep sense of trust and intimacy.

2. Enhanced communication

Face-to-face masturbation encourages open communication between partners about their desires, fantasies, and preferences. It provides an opportunity to learn more about each other’s bodies and what brings pleasure.

3. Mutual exploration

Engaging in this intimate sex position allows partners to witness and learn from each other’s techniques and techniques, leading to a deeper understanding of each other’s bodies and sexual preferences.

To incorporate face-to-face masturbation into partnered sexual experiences, consider the following suggestions:

  • Maintain eye contact: Lock eyes with your partner while pleasuring yourself, creating an intense connection that enhances the intimacy of the experience.
  • Mirror each other’s movements: Take cues from your partner’s movements and rhythms, mirroring them to create harmony and synchronization between your actions.

Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Communication is key: Openly communicate with your partner about your desires, comfort levels, and boundaries when exploring these positions. This will help create a safe and trusting environment.
  • Focus on connection: Remember that the goal of trying out these sex positions is not solely about performance or achieving certain physical sensations. Instead, focus on deepening your emotional and physical connection with your partner.
  • Embrace variety: Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with different positions. Variety can help keep the spark alive and prevent sexual routine from becoming monotonous.
  • Keep it playful: Approach sexual exploration with a sense of playfulness and curiosity. This will help create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for both partners.

Remember, the most important thing is to prioritize each other’s pleasure, satisfaction, and comfort. Enjoy the journey of discovering what works best for you as a couple and have fun exploring these intimate sex positions together!

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