120+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends And Families

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Birthday is a special day when you get an opportunity to show your special someone how much he or she is loved. Ideally, no one wants to hear a boring birthday message on their special day, and so it can be quite daunting to compose the perfect one. It will be such a helpful list of over 120 birthday wishes you can employ to brighten up the day of your loved ones. These are both touching and humorous Happy Birthday messages which serve different purposes. Sometimes, it is hard to think of something unique and special to say to a dear friend, a relative, a colleague, or an acquaintance, but do not worry as I have provided wonderful messages that you may write on a card or send as a text message. And with so many options available to give birthday greetings and quotes, there will always be the perfect one to make them feel special.

birthday wishes for her

  • Happy birthday to the most incredible person I know. May all your dreams come true, and may you feel as special as you are today!
  • Happy birthday once again! I hope all your birthday dreams and desires come to pass. Happy birthday!
  • You are such a beautiful woman. Happy birthday!
  • Remember, you are the most wonderful woman in the world. Happy birthday to you, my darling!
  • Happy birthday to you! I hope that on this special day you will be surrounded by as much happiness as you deserve. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to that special someone who was born with a purpose of being extraordinary in this world. Happy birthday!
  • You have a beautiful smile, and you always brighten up the atmosphere of any room you are in. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  • I’m glad to be alive to know that your presence alone brightens everyone’s day. Happy birthday!
  • I appreciate you so much for being an inspiration to me. Happy birthday!
  • In anticipation of your special day, I wish all your birthday wishes come true. Happy birthday!
  • You want to give me a birthday that I will never forget. I think you will get it. Happy birthday!
  • I just want to take this opportunity to wish the most special girl in my life a happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you, my lady, the woman I cherish deeply and hold dearly in my heart.
  • It has so much to do with the fact that you are present in this world! Happy birthday!
  • Happy special day! I trust you have a great day as you deserve. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for him

  • It is not surprising that many people classify you as one of a kind. Happy birthday!
  • I appreciate you for being such a great man. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the best friend I have ever had the honor of knowing.
  • You make life so incredible. I want to make every moment count out here, and I know that’s impossible without you. Happy birthday!
  • In this world, there must be more people like you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the man who turned ordinary days into memorable ones.
  • I really appreciate the fact that you always make my day. Happy birthday!
  • Many happy returns of the day to a true gentleman.
  • You have been such an awesome and hardworking person, and I hope you have an awesome birthday!
  • Birthdays are for special people, not just for children, but for special people only. And you are as special as special can get!
  • Happy birthday to you, and may this special occasion bring you lots of joy, laughter, and celebration! You’re amazing!
  • I hope you have a great day and that your birthday brings you a lot of joy.
  • Happy birthday to a super special person and a very good friend!
  • Wishing this year brings you as much happiness and joy as your presence brings to people around you. Happy birthday!
  • The fact that you decided to free your father, even if it was a dangerous mission, is proof of courage, strength, and compassion which I have never come across in anyone else. Happy birthday! You are a true hero!

Birthday wishes for husband

  • I want you to know that my affection for you just increases every day. Today we are celebrating a very special occasion – the birthday of my splendid husband.
  • I could not be happier to have you as mine and as my partner in life. Dear love of my life, today is your special day, so happy birthday to my wonderful husband!
  • Sometimes I just feel like grinning every time I recall your existence. The love of my life and my soulmate is turning older today, and I want to wish a happy birthday to my fabulous husband.
  • You are great for me and my life, and I want to thank you for that. I want to say happy birthday to my darling husband, the most wonderful man in my life!
  • Here’s to the husband I love so much and the man I decided to grow old with. Happy birthday!
  • You are the reason behind all our joy and laughter in our home. Happy birthday!
  • You are my lucky charm, and every day with you is a great start to a new adventure. As you continue to get to know me better, let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I love sharing the journey of life with you. Happy birthday!
  • They said you are even more handsome today than when we met for the very first time. Happy birthday, handsome!
  • It is good to have you as my husband; words can’t describe how happy and grateful I am. Happy birthday!
  • I can’t thank you enough for making me laugh and be joyful whenever you are around. Happy birthday!
  • I am so lucky to have you as my husband, and you make me a very happy woman. Happy birthday to you!
  • I will give you all my heart as you are the most precious of all to me. Happy birthday to the man who has been my partner, my best friend, my lover, and the father of my children.
  • Happy birthday to the best, most amazing, loving, kind, generous, patient, hard-working, funny, smart, and handsome husband I could ever ask for.
  • On this special day, happy birthday to the man who gives me the feeling of love each and every day.
  • To my wonderful and loving husband – the world’s best – happy birthday! Marrying you is the best thing that could have happened to me!

Birthday wishes for wife

  • Happy birthday to a wonderful lady who wears her beauty not only on her face but also in her heart. I love you!
  • The strength and endurance you possess are astounding and have been a source of motivation to many. Happy birthday, my darling!
  • They may try to bring someone like you again, but they can’t because you are one of a kind. Today, I wish to celebrate you, my loving wife, the woman who is so special and different from any other.
  • You make my days brighter and more wonderful. Happy birthday, my dear beautiful wife!
  • This house has been a home for us since the time we got married. It is my pleasure to wish you the happiest of birthdays, my delightful wife.
  • I love you more this year than before. You are a wonderful wife, and I am so lucky to have you! Happy birthday!
  • Your generosity and mercy make lives better and give hope and strength to go on. Happy birthday!
  • I love you so much for making my world full of happiness. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • It is hard for me to even contemplate the idea of not having your smiles, hugs, and laughter in my life. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to you! You are getting even more beautiful and wonderful each year. Happy birthday, darling!
  • Happy birthday, my dearest wife! I am proud to have the strongest, funniest, smartest, and most caring wife!
  • I feel like an even better person when you are in my life. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • Here’s to another year where you let yourself laugh heartily at the jokes that we share only with each other! Happy birthday, funny lady!
  • I dedicate my heart and soul to you for eternity. Today is your special day, and I want to let you know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday, my sweet wife!
  • Happy birthday to the most important person in my life. To my loving and caring wife – thank you for making every day brighter for me. The best moments in life are when we are together.

Birthday wishes for boyfriend

  • I feel my heart leap to my throat every time I catch sight of you. Today is a special day for my dearest boyfriend. Happy birthday, my darling!
  • I am so grateful for having you in my life. Thank you for always supporting me. I wish my reliable and loving boyfriend a very happy birthday!
  • It’s amazing that even after all these years, my stomach can still flip at the sight of you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • It has been my pleasure to share life with you; it feels like our magic moments were meant to be. Happy birthday!
  • You are a source of comfort in my difficulties and a magnifier of all my happiness. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • My favorite thing in life is making new memories with you. Happy birthday!
  • Besides making me smile or even crack up, there is nothing as special as knowing that you are the one who makes me lose my temper most times, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy birthday!
  • Baby, it’s a privilege for me to be your girlfriend. Happy birthday!
  • I feel so blessed to be loved by you. I can’t even imagine life without you. Happy birthday!
  • Hugs from you are the best things ever. Happy birthday to someone who knows how to hug like no other!
  • Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in my life. I look forward to our next adventure together!
  • You have an incredible capacity to love and care for others unlike anyone I have ever met. It is my special wish to dedicate this message to my sweet, kind, and caring boyfriend on this special day.
  • Thanks for giving me a million reasons to smile every day. Happy birthday!
  • I am ready for any challenge that life presents with you by my side. Happy birthday, my love!
  • My dear, my sweet, my loving one, my precious: Happy birthday to the man who stole my heart!

Birthday wishes for girlfriend

  • In my opinion, there is no one on earth I’d rather share my life with than you. Happy birthday!
  • I am grateful for everything you are in my life and for being such an inspiration to me. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  • Your kind nature and courteous behavior make me want to become a better man. Happy birthday!
  • You are beautiful inside and out, and you literally take my breath away. Happy birthday!
  • You always have been and always will be the sunshine in my life. Holding your hand makes me the luckiest man on earth. Many happy returns to the most beautiful woman in my life and my lovely girlfriend.
  • It is my pleasure to wish you a happy birthday on this special day. You are the most hardworking, generous, and big-hearted girlfriend anyone could ever ask for.
  • Happy birthday, my dear sweetheart. Here’s to another fabulous year of friendship and love!
  • Any man would be thankful to be in a relationship with you, let alone being your boyfriend. Happy birthday!
  • It revitalizes me to have you as my friend. You have an incredible zest for life, and I appreciate everything you do to make our world a better place. Happy birthday!
  • I hope to provide you with the same amount of love and affection you give me every day. Happy birthday!
  • I don’t know how to express it other than saying you color my world and add magic to it. Happy birthday, my darling!
  • Thank you for your patience, strength, wisdom, and most importantly, for loving me. Joyous birthday to a wonderful woman!
  • Making you smile is the greatest thing I could ever do. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful, witty, and compassionate girlfriend. I cherish you immensely. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the one I adore and who fills my heart with joy. I love you!

Birthday wishes for friends

  • I am grateful for your support and all the times you’ve stood up for me. Friends are always special, but a true friend like you is even more so. Happy birthday!
  • May you continue to make this world brighter with your lovely light. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you the very best on your birthday. May your day be as beautiful and joyful as your personality.
  • Sending you best wishes on your special day: may you have a year brimming with love, light, and pure joy!
  • On your special day and every single day in the future, may you find happiness, smiles, and fun. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to you! May you have the best birthday ever, and may all your dreams, desires, and fantasies come true!
  • Today we celebrate one of the most wonderful people I know. The world is a brighter place because of you. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday. May you enjoy the kindness of life every single day. I hope all your dreams come true this year.
  • Thank you for making life fun and bringing joy into my life. Happy birthday!
  • It was wonderful to have met you, and I appreciate our friendship. On behalf of myself and our entire team, we wish you as much happiness as possible today. Happy birthday!
  • Happy special day to you! May you be showered with all the blessings you deserve today. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations, my friend, you old goat! You’re the bomb dot com! Happy birthday!
  • May this year open as many doors as possible for you and fill your life with happiness and love. Happy birthday!
  • You are amazing, and I am inspired by your passion and energy each day. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to you! I hope this special day will be as vibrant and sparkling as your personality!

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